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    • 2024-06-14
    • 9:00 AM - 11:50 AM
    • Deloitte Summit Building - 410 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
    • 97

    Please join us on Friday June 14th for our first Premium Membership event with a triple play of Data Stars taking the stage to talk about the fast changing data world and where they think it is going.

    We hope you agree that events like this, the Data Governance Special Interest Group, and discounts for Conference and CDMP make the Premium membership a great deal plus a strong message that you support the topics presented throughout the year. Note that recording and slidedeck for the May 10th presentation are now accessible to Premium Members. 

    We will be adding more details in the coming weeks but we wanted to give you fair warning that these top "data influencers" will be visiting Vancouver together in June - should be an amazing event. 


    • 08:30 In-person networking, coffee, & muffins-Deloitte's Learning Centre (below)
    • 08:50 DAMA chapter announcements
      • Thanks to our Sponsors Deloitte, Denodo, Qlik, Cittabase
    • 09:00 Karen Lopez - Contentious Issues in Data Governance
    • 09:50             Questions - coffee and networking
    • Book Draw - Fundamentals of Data Engineering by Joe Reis
    • 10:00 Chad Sanderson - Data Contracts (Data-Governance-As-Code)
    • 10:55            Questions - coffee and networking
    •                       Book Draw - Data Quality Fundamentals - Barr Moses
    • 11:00 Marcelo Malheiros - Moderating Panel with Karen & Chad
    • 11:45            Questions - coffee and networking
    •                      Final Draw(s)

    Abstract: Karen Lopez - Data Governance Contentious Issues

    This is a highly interactive and popular session in which attendees evaluate the options and best practices for common and advanced programs, people, tech, and management issues. Then, we debate the answers.

    Modules may be voted on ahead of time by participants but could include:

    • Who gets the final say in design decisions?
    • Where should the data governance program sit in the org chart?
    • Is there a role for DG professionals on software-as-service projects?
    • Will AI improve data governance?
    • Can AI be a data steward?
    • Is data quality part of data governance, or is it a result of DG?
    • How should enforcement work in a DG program?
    • How long is too long for a naming standard?
    • Is refactoring a help or a hindrance?
    • Are data models part of data governance?
    • Can an IT person be a good data steward/curator?
    • Which is more important: performance or data quality?
    • Is normalization the end of the world?
    • Are naming standards just for the wicked?
    • Should data governance teams review as-built systems?
    • How much security should be in the database rather than the application?
    • Are FAUX NULLs dangerous?
    Bring your votes, your debates, and your opinions.

    Biography:  Karen Lopez

    Karen is a senior project manager and architect with an extensive background in development processes and information management. She specializes in taking practical approaches to systems development. She has 20+ years of public speaking (keynotes, speeches, and demonstrations). She wants attendees to have fun, gain insights and take away inspiration for working with new technologies and methods.

    She's known for her slightly irreverent and practical approach to IT training and speaking. She wants you to be part of #TEAMDATA.

    Abstract: Chad Sanderson - 

    Chad will be giving us more details but for now consider that his recent topics included AI-Ready Data Infrastructure,  An Engineer's Guide to Data Contract, and How Data Contracts Support Semantic Data Models.

    Biography:   Chad Sanderson

    Chad is a data leader with a passion for applying product thinking to holistic data challenges. I have a journalism degree from Georgia Southern University, which gives me a unique perspective on storytelling, communication, and creative direction. I currently lead the fastest growing data quality community on the internet, Data Quality Camp, where I curate and produce content, events, and resources for data professionals.

    Chad is also a scout for Sequoia Capital, investing in data infrastructure and machine learning products. I have a track record of identifying and supporting innovative and impactful data solutions, from hyper-growth startups like Convoy, where I headed the data platform product team, to established tech giants like Microsoft, where I managed the AI platform program. I enjoy collaborating with diverse and talented teams, and empowering them to make trustworthy decisions at scale with data.

    Abstract: Marcelo moderates a Panel with Karen & Chad

    Biography: Marcelo Malheiros - Data Governance, Architecture, and Strategy Consultant

    • 25+ years of experience in Enterprise Data Management: Data Governance, Data Architecture, Data Analytics, and Data Strategy

    #datagovernance #datastrategy #dataarchitecture #datamanagement

    • DAMA CDMP certified + Director at DAMA Vancouver, BC Chapter

    #dama #damadmbok #damainternational #damavancouverbc #cdmp

    • Large Experience leading Enterprise Data Governance Offices:

    ✓ Enabling the Enterprise Data Governance function

    ✓ Data Management Maturity Assessment

    ✓ Data Strategy + Roadmap

    ✓ Policies + Procedures + Standards + Best Practices

    ✓ Defining data authority / stewardship and data controls (processes)

    ✓ Establishing Programs and Projects goals, scope, resources, plan, and budget

    ✓ Instituting the Data Governance Steering Committee

    ✓ Liaising with Business + Technical Stewards, Stakeholders, Sponsors, Steering Committees, and Governance Bodies

    About our location:

    • Deloitte Summit Building (architecture)
    • Follow lobby signage to the 23rd floor
    • Capacity - up to 140 people
    • Location - Deloitte Summit Building at 410 West Georgia, Vancouver - great view!
    • Please join us early for networking while enjoying the coffee, muffins, and croissants. 

    Premium Membership gives you access to the Recording, Slide deck, and Supporting Materials from each event. These are typically posted a week after the event.

    DAMA-Vancouver 2024 Events - Mark Your Calendars:

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