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AI Panel - Tips, Traps, and Best Practices

  • 2023-09-22
  • 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Deloitte Summit Building - 410 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
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  Artificial Intelligence Panel - Tips, Traps, and Best Practices

Good morning. Please join us on Friday, Sept 22nd, for a panel that will be sharing their experience and best practices for organizations heading down that slippery Generative AI path. 

  • Where to start? Do you need an AI Framework or should you be agile?
  • What are some tips and best practices? Where to get the best ROI?
  • What are some traps and risks? Are there hidden landmines?
  • People are saying that Data Quality is critical but can it be done in parallel?
  • What are some local success stories?

AI Panelists:

Yasmine Roulleau, Partner in Consulting at Omnia, Deloitte's Artificial Intelligence and Data Practice

Yasmine leads a diverse team of professionals who deliver end to end AI & data and impact solutions to organizations across Western Canada. Yasmine comes to Deloitte through an acquisition from Striven Consulting where she was the CEO.

Yasmine brings industry networks and trust capital built over years as a SME and senior advisor in health care, gaming, and tech start-ups. She brings deep experience working across a wide range of contexts including start-ups, venture capital and investment funds as well as large multilateral organizations. This includes work to generate go-to-market and customer insight, social impact measurements, metrics, and alignment - with the funding strategy across a wide variety of complex stakeholders.

Hayden BarkerSenior Data Scientist

Hayden is a senior data scientist in Deloitte’s Generative AI Centre of Excellence with a background covering a broad range of AI topics. His primary role is to assist organization’s in building their AI capabilities through proof of concept development, infrastructure planning and education. The recent explosion of generative AI has led Hayden to focus his interests on generative AI for government and healthcare organizations to improve process efficiency.

Stan KorsountsevManager, AI & Data

Stan is a seasoned manager in Deloitte's Intelligent Automation practice, where he has successfully steered projects at the crossroads of Generative AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Drawing from his data governance expertise, he facilitates the development of solutions that stand at the intersection of innovation and reliability, carving a distinct niche in the digital transformation landscape.

Zamyla Chan,PhD - Lead, Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education

Dr. Zamyla Chan is a multidisciplinary innovator with a talent for identifying transformative tools. After obtaining her Bachelors through doctoral degrees at Harvard University, she continued her study of artificial intelligence as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. At Deloitte, Zamyla supports the design and development of solutions in data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. To date, Zamyla has integrated tools such as machine learning and natural language processing in multiple fields and industries including higher education, materials discovery, and robotics.


  • 8:45 In-person networking, coffee, and muffin at Deloitte's Learning Centre (below)
  • 9:00 DAMA chapter announcements
    • Thanks to our Sponsors
  • 9:05 AI Panel - Tips, Traps, and Best Practices 
  • 10:30 Questions and discussions, coffee refill, networking
  • Draw for a $50 Amazon Gift Card for in-person attendees only.
  • Draw for a signed copy of Joe Reis' book "Fundamentals of Data Engineering" (limited to in-person attendees).


We will be adding more information as the list of panelists and the topics solidify.

About our location:

  • Deloitte Summit Building (architecture)
  • Follow signage - Learning Centre
  • Capacity - 75 people
  • We are finally back doing live events and even better, we will be in the new Deloitte Summit Building at 410 West Georgia, Vancouver with the same delicious muffins, croissants, coffee, and juices we all remember so fondly. 

Information and contacts will be linked here AFTER the event:

  • Slide deck 
  • Contact information for follow-up questions

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