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Speaker Profile: Elias, Armando

Armando Elias, Sales Engineer at MicroStrategy

Armando is responsible for driving MicroStrategy’s initiative to deliver world-class Business Intelligence (BI) to the Western Canadian market. Armando has over 9 years of Sales and consulting experience on the enterprise software industry. He joined MicroStrategy in 2006 as a consultant on the US Pacific Northwest division where he supported BI implementations at major retail and financial customers. He relocated to Canada in 2008 and he is now based out of Vancouver.

He was born and raised in Mexico, where he also worked for Microsoft and Citrix Systems on various roles reporting to their Latin American divisions. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering for the Monterrey Institute of Technology and he is currently enrolled on the MBA program at UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

Speaker Profile: Ristic, Ana

Ana Ristic, Data Architect at Canaccord Financial
Ana has over 15 years of experience in data modeling of information systems for large public and private companies in securities, investment, utilities, insurance, telecommunications, student loans and travel industry.

Ana’s specialties include dimensional modeling, data warehousing, data governance and stewardship, data quality management, data integration, metadata management and BI/Analytical reporting.

Ana holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and has completed the Project Manager certificate program at UBC Sauder School Of Business.

Speaker Profile: Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher is Associate Professor of Interactive Arts and Technology and Cognitive Science at Simon Fraser University and the Associate Director of the Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC) at the University of British Columbia
Brian’s current research combines field research on real-world practices of analysts and decision-makers and laboratory investigation of the use of information systems to support human reasoning and operation management. This is done in collaboration with the US Department of Homeland Security for applications in criminal investigation, disaster relief, and anti- terrorism and with the Boeing Company on enhanced aircraft safety, reliability, and maintainability. Brian is a co-Chair of the 2010 IEEE Conference in VIsual Analytics Science and Technology, the International Symposium in Smart Graphics, and the Digital Media at Scale and Visual Analytics Minitrack of the Hawaii International Conference for the Systems Sciences. He is also a member of the Leadership Board of the Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence in Command, Control and Interoperability and the Advisory Committee of SEMVAST: Scientific Evaluation Methods for Visual Analytics Science and Technology (NSF Collaboration Project).