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2014.01.05 – Announcement – February 21st Panel Session & Dates for 2014

Happy New Year from TDWI Vancouver! We have scheduled the following dates for the 2014 Chapter Meetings: Feb 21, May 9, Sep 12, and Nov 14 Our next session on Fri. Feb 21 will be a panel discussion, moderated by Wayne Eckerson, about using governance frameworks to marshall big data in big organizations. Guest panelists will join us from local Vancouver companies. Follow the link below to register for this event. May 9 will be Mike Scofield, by popular request, on Data Management, Modeling and Development. Proceed to Registration 

Agenda and Location:

8:30 a.m. Networking & Registration 9-9:20 a.m. Education Information Session 9:20-10:20 Panel Session Part I 10:20-10:35 Break 10:35-11:35 Panel Session Part II 11:35-11:45 Final Comments and Networking The event will be held at: Deloitte Offices 26 Floor Learning Centre, Bentall Four 1055 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver

Speaker Profile: Hussein, Dalia

is currently director of data architecture in TELUS and a key individual in TELUS’s architectural transformation programme. She is a tireless advocate of master data and has translated complex data architectural concepts into designs and development plans for TELUS. She works hard to ensure incremental benefits fit to a roadmap rather than the dreaded big bang approach.

Speaker Profile: Jayaprakash, Rajesh

is currently lead for the customer data subject area at TELUS and is an active participant in the master data management, data quality and data governance initiatives in TELUS. Rajesh joined TELUS in 2008 after 13 years of industry experience with North American organizations, including 7+ years specifically on MDM initiatives. Rajesh started his MDM career as product data store architect for a major credit card issuer and later joined Tata Consulting Service’s (TCS) MDM consulting group, where he primed some of the largest MDM initiatives for different enterprises throughout North America.

Case Study: Master Data Management at Telus

TELUS became an early adopter of master data management when we began our Customer Data Integration efforts in the year 2000 with our own proprietary governance mechanisms. TELUS MDM evolved through a multi-year roadmap-based approach, envisioned in 2004 and implemented for customer, product and location data stores in the years afterwards. Today, TELUS is resolved to face the challenges and changes of evolution and sustainment in the master data management industry by building on our years of experience and adopting an even more comprehensive and measured approach to master data management in the coming years. This presentation is intended to share this MDM journey with peers in the industry and also bounce around ideas from our ongoing roadmap.

The first hour of the 90 minute presentation will be focused on Master Data Management at TELUS and the last 30 minutes will be an opportunity for attendees to join with Rajesh and Dahlia in an open discussion. The open discussion could delve into:

  • Specifics of TELUS’ experience, lessons learned, best practices and challenges with scaling MDM
  • Advice on attendee’s own plans for implementing MDM at their enterprise
  • Discussions around starting and prioritizing data quality and governance
  • Tips, traps and timely advice from TELUS’ and attendee’s experience.

Presentation available here.
Speakers: Rajesh Jayaprakash, Lead for the Customer Subject Area and Dalia Hussein, Director, Data Architecture
Date: 2011-03-25