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BI Agility: Is cloud BI ready for you?

A Cloud Business Intelligence vendors have been stirring up the BI scene for several years now. In their 2011 Enterprise Software Forecast, Gartner noted that ‘ease of use’ has surpassed ‘functionality’ as the dominant BI platform buying criterion. Much of this push toward the consumerization of BI has come from leading Cloud BI vendors pushing back against the complexity of traditional BI tools.

To many BI practitioners, cloud BI vendors seem to be advocating against many of the tools and processes they have become comfortable with in the name of end user simplicity and agility.

In this session BI veterans from Indicee will provide an overview of cloud BI and its fit for your project. We’ll look at the different approaches Cloud BI vendors are taking, the impact these approaches have on agility and how they compare to well known, traditional tools. As much as possible, this will be use case driven using real world examples of Cloud BI in use.

We’ll also look at some use cases that have traditionally been difficult for Cloud BI vendors and what trade-off decisions you’ll have to make in your quest for agility and end user adoption.
You’ll come away with a solid understanding what the Cloud BI landscape looks like, what benefits you can achieve from increased agility and a basis for deciding whether a Cloud BI solution might be right for your project.

View full presentation here.

Speaker: Graham Ross, VP Product Management, Indicee
Date: 2011-10-14