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2013.09.20 – Data Science in the Wild: Analyzing User Behavior at PlentyOfFish – Tommy Levi (PlentyOfFish)

Thomas LeviThe Sept. 20th., 2013 TDWI Vancouver chapter meeting chronicled a four week period at PlentyOfFish this spring when Tommy and a colleague wrangled a huge data set, created a pragmatic solution to a big data architecture problem, and generated actionable analysis. In 4 weeks! The presentation covered some of the data wrangling techniques, the data architecture choices they made along the way, the budget-friendly hardware and open source software they made work, and the data exploration tools and techniques they used such as CART Trees and step-wise regression analysis.

Presenter: Tommy Levi  Presentation slides are available here.

Andrew GeminoThe education session spotlight was on the SFU Beedie School of Business “Building the Talent Pool: Business Analytics and the Beedie School at SFU. The Beedie School of Business at SFU is working to develop student capabilities in business analytics. The school has launched an undergraduate certificate in Business Analytics and Decision Making as a complement to their BBA degree. Students graduate from the certificate by completing 8 courses including a capstone experience featuring teams developing recommendations from large industry data sets. The Beedie School is expanding by creating programs to enhance the skills of practicing professionals and those interested in developing capabilities and implementing business analytic solutions.

Presenter: Andrew Gemino Presentation slides are available here.