Managing Enterprise and Operational Analytics

Why Business Intelligence Just Became Complicated

In the early days of Business Intelligence, the focus was on awareness of the discipline and developing sound approaches and methodologies to ensure success and drive business value. Now, awareness is not a problem, but proliferation of the concept is. As more and more operational applications are including Business Intelligence capabilities out-of-the-box, how have the key concepts originally envisioned for the BI discipline come into question. In many ways, the original vision for Business Intelligence has both expanded and contracted. Regardless of whether one believes this to be a positive or negative, it is reality and we now need to ensure that we properly understand what this means for Business Intelligence initiatives and the future of the discipline in general. This session will cover:

  • How has Business Intelligence become complicated and what does this mean for current initiatives?
  • How can we manage Operational and Enterprise BI initiatives without impacting the business user community
  • Can we embrace BI-in-a-box, and maintain the integrity of one version of the truth?
  • What does the future of BI hold for information integrity and decision making accountability?

Full presentation available here…

Speaker: Richard Hines, TDWI Instructor, Partner at Ideaca
Date: Febraury 10, 2012

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